Southwest Shutter Shaque


Our philosophy on building and installing shutters is simple - We can fit ANY shape, and best of all for our clients, at no extra charge. Corners, Bay Windows, Moldings, atypical sizing, Z-framing, inside, outside or custom mount, arches, sunbursts, are skylights are just some of applications we fit every day.

Arch shaped windows come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Southwest Shutter Shaque fits them all.

French Doors, Double Doors, Sliding Doors, or any door you wish to add the classic look of shutters to, we can do it.

Door Handles come in many different designs and we can work with all of them.

Sliding Doors include an attractive framing detail from top to bottom to create a seemless look.

Here is the top detail of a sliding door application.

Here is the bottom detail of a sliding door application.

Window Treatments designed out of shutters can compliment the shutters in your home.

Any shape or size is available.