Southwest Shutter Shaque


Four distinctly different framing options are available for the shutter mounted outside the window frame.

The Detailed Molding pictured below is the industry standard frame.

The Bullnose Frame has evolved from edge detail found in granite countertops and drywall corners.

The California Frame - understated, yet elegant molding that softens the edge of a shutter unit; especially when mounted on an existing molding.

The Ogee Frame pictured below is an ornate style favored by the true wood lover.

'Inside' and 'Z' frames are also available typically used for pass-thru and wood encased openings. There are three 'Z' frames available in Standard, Bullnose and Ogee styles. These frames are used when inside only doesn't work, but keeping the panels as close to the plane of the wall is important. In all cases however, when mounting a shutter inside the window frame, a significant amount of light and view will be sacrificed

Southwest Shutter Shaque prides itself on custom wood-detailed applications. We can make custom frames using industry casement mouldings. These options, however, come at a significantly higher cost based on the moulding style selected.