Southwest Shutter Shaque


The louver size of a shutter has both aesthetic and functional properties. Southwest Shutter Shaque offers three standard sizes of louvers; 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, and 4.5 inch dimensions. (For an additional $2 per square foot, a 5.5 inch louver can be ordered.)

When choosing louvers size, buyers should consider light, view, window size, style of home, furnishing, and personal preference. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the different louver sizes.

The 2.5 inch louver by design reduces the light while in the open position because of the close proximity to each louver being only 2 inches apart. For this same reason, they also help to minimize the outside view, which can be very effective when the view isn't particularly pleasant. These louvers are also said to have a Mediterranean look.

The 3.5 inch louver is by far the most popular size. This is probably due to its great versatility. When fully open, they afford a beautiful view while allowing ample natural light into the house. Being mid-sized also tends to make these louvers compatible with both large and small windows. They are especially well sized for angle-arched and sunburst style windows.

The 4.5 inch louver is now doubt "the view window" louver. Its size maximizes the potential to bring the outdoors inside while still providing darkness and privacy when needed. With these louvers, the larger the opening (especially height) the better.