Southwest Shutter Shaque


Southwest Shutter Shaque uses only top quality materials for the construction of our shutters. The Louvers and Framework are built using FAS Basswood. This perfect wood for shutters is medium density, tight grained, highly stable and is virtually free of resin. These natural characteristics of Basswood are paramount in the resistance of warping, twisting, and bowing, unlike Poplar which is a low grade, extremely unstable, heavy wood. Basswood shutters are more durable than shutters made of cedar and pine, typical soft woods with high resin content which can bleed through paint over time. Finally, they will not sag under their own weight like shutters made of synthetic material, heavy woods like oak or poplar, and particle board, which is much heavier than solid wood and has no structural integrity.

The Tilt Rods are constructed from maple or cherry wood. This very dense, straight lumber ensures the louvers remain true and the staples will remain intact. Nylon dowels used in the louvers keep the spacing tight down to 1/32 of an inch from the stiles.

Another important aspect of a quality finish and a well built shutter panel is the manufacturing procedures. Every piece of lumber is cut and sanded individually first and then sanded again after assembly. Each pane is also preassembled without the louvers and run through a wide belt sander. This guarantees a smooth, almost flawless surface on both sides of the shutter panel.

After assembly, the panels are sized, the louvers are quality checked for a tight close, and the panels are placed together to check their fit against each other The panels are then sanded again and set to the finish department.

To ensure long term durability, a special "bar coat" lacquer finish is applied to the completed shutter.