Southwest Shutter Shaque


Designers get the best value for their dollar at Southwest Shutter Shaque. We only work with the finest natural materials - time-tested good old-fashioned WOOD. Take for example synthetic shutters which are priced artificially high. First of all, the cost of synthetic materials is only a fraction of the cost of wood. Secondly, labor costs are lower because synthetic shutters require no sanding or painting which eliminates at least a third of the cost of producing a real wood shutter.

Most of the prospective buyers of shutters who take the time to understand the difference between synthetic and solid-wood shutters have no trouble choosing wood over the alternative. Because of the limitations of synthetic material and how they can sag from the heat of sun exposure, there are structural limitations as to how big the panels and louvers can be. Also, a variety of limitations exist when working with finishes.

Industry wide, solid wood shutters vary in price relative to the amount of work and quality of materials invested into the finished product. Southwest skips none of the many steps involved in making a quality shutter. Our use of only the highest quality materials makes this effort worthwhile for not only the consumer, but for the craftsman involved in their production.

The old adage that 'you get what you pay for' is without a doubt the rule regarding shutters. At Southwest Shutter Shaque, you get what you pay for AND MORE; High quality beautiful custom wood shutters to add to the beauty of your home. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, you shutters will exceed your expectations!